The greatest tool for me has been the expansion of my yearly touchstone into becoming a container for a group of deeply personal phrases. Together they make up the energetic package of my yearly touchstone.




L  Living Lusciously

I  Intention


 Home of My HeArt

T  Thriving

T  Transformation

H  Home of My HeArt

R  Radiant & Renewed

I   Intend & Ignite

V  Vibrant

E  Embracing Change


Here is a sampling to spur your imagination. Some are mine;
others have been shared by friends and colleagues.

A Accessing Untapped Potential
Aging is Optional
Artist in Action
Artful Consistent Action
B Beauty • Bounty • Bliss
Beauty of the Work
Best Parts of Ourselves
Big Picture
Bold Brave Decisions
Breaking Through Limits
C Cabinet of Curiosities
Choose (xxx)
Clear, Calm & Centered
Clear Channel
Collision of Beauty and Joy
Consistent Creative Practice
Cracked Open to Joy and Delight
Creative Collective
Creative Fire
D Daily Practice
Daily Rhythm
Deep Work
Deepest Desire
Deepest Needs and Longings
Deepest Soul Yearnings
Divine Desires
E Envisioning Expansively
Expressing My Gifts & Talents
Emerging Artistry
Enlightened Energy
Exploration and Discovery
F Facing Forward
Feed and Nurture
Following My Truth
Full Flight
G Grace and Ingenuity
Getting as Good as I Give
Getting Right with my Darkness
Gorgeous & Graceful
Glowing With Grace & Gratitude
Grit + Grace
H Having What I Want is OK
Home of My HeART
I Illuminated Intuition
Igniting Creativity
Inner Goddess of Beauty and Self-Love
Inspired by …
Inspiring Curiosity and Wonder
Intend and Ignite
Inventory • Insight • Integration
Inviting Abundance
Inviting in Love and Pleasure 
J  Joyful Juiciness
K Keeping The Magic Alive
Knowing My Worth
L Leap of Faith
Lighting The Path
Living Lusciously
Living Prayer
Love and Light
Lunging Towards My Dreams
M Maker and Creator
Making Magic Happen with Grace, Elegance and a Touch of Messy
Masterful Magical Manifesting
More, Please
Morning Walk
N Nourishing now
Nurturing nesting
O Owning My Beauty
Owning My Power
P Profound Fulfillment
Prospering Pleasurably & Plentifully
Putting Me First
Q Queen of My World
R Radiant and Renewed
Raw, Risky and Fueled by Passion
Reach, Stretch, Dream
Ready for Change
Recreation and Renewal
Resplendent Renaissance
Restoration and Reflection
Right Action
S Say Yes to the Impossible
Shifting into Alignment
Small Steps and Synchronicities
Student of Well-Being
Supportive Self-Care
T This or Something Better
Trusting My Desires
Turning on the Lights
U Unblocking • Unlocking • Unsticking • Unleashing
Unfold the Miracle of …
Upward Spiral of Awesomeness
V  Voyage of Discovery
W Warp and Weft
Where The Magic Is
Wild Abandon
Wildly Blessed
Wildly Wickedly Wonderful
X  X marks the spot
Y  Yummy yesses
Z Zeroing In on What I Want